Discover the Best Farmers Markets Along the East Tennessee Crossing Byway

Discover the Best Farmers Markets Along the East Tennessee Crossing Byway

Discover the Best Farmers Markets Along the East Tennessee Crossing Byway

Exploring the East Tennessee Crossing Byway offers more than scenic views and historical landmarks, it’s also a journey through some of the best farmers markets and farm-fresh produce stands in the region. Here are a few must-visit spots along your route.

Claiborne County

Cumberland Gap Small Farmers Market Experience the charm of Cumberland Gap at the local farmers market, held every Friday from May to October. Here, you’ll find a variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables, homemade goods, and crafts that truly represent the community spirit.

Tri-State Farmers Market Located at the crossroads of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia, this market is a hub for fresh, locally-sourced produce and handcrafted items. It’s an excellent stop to stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Grainger County

Bean Station Farmer’s Market Nestled in the heart of Bean Station, this market is perfect for those seeking fresh produce and locally-made products. Open on Saturdays, it’s a great spot to mingle with local farmers and artisans.

Hamblen County

Morristown Farmers Market Held in downtown Morristown, this vibrant market is a gathering place for the community. It features a wide array of fresh produce, baked goods, and artisan crafts. Be sure to check their schedule for special events.

Jefferson County

Dandridge Farmers Market Visit the historic town of Dandridge and enjoy its charming farmers market. Open on Saturdays, it’s a delightful place to find fresh produce, local honey, baked goods, and more.

Jefferson City Farmers Market This market is a community favorite, known for its variety of fresh produce and friendly vendors. It’s held on Saturdays and offers a range of fruits, vegetables, and homemade treats.

Cocke County

Newport Farmers Market In Newport, this market is a staple for fresh, local produce and handmade crafts. Open on Wednesdays and  Saturdays, it’s a great place to explore the flavors of the region and support local farmers.

Each of these markets along the East Tennessee Crossing Byway offers a first-hand glimpse into the agricultural richness of the region. Whether you’re looking for fresh ingredients or handcrafted goods, these markets are wonderful stops to experience the local culture and community spirit.